Protecting one’s property is a critical need for any organization, especially a church. Property comes in different forms. Some properties are tangible. Other properties are represented as rights. Most properties have value that’s worth preserving. Property protection is secured by declaring interest to the world through proper registration, control or signage. Property rights must be enforced when there is a potential trespass. Finally, property rights can be leveraged to create greater worth for the owner.

Churches are particularly ripe for property rights issues. For instance, who owns the music, sermons and religious substance of the ministries? What should a guest speaker expect for the treatment of his/her speech? How does a church keep another organization from infringing on its trademark and brands?

M Smith Law, PLLC helps churches protect their rights to various forms of properties. Depending on the nature of the property, different approaches are taken to ensure protection. M Smith Law, PLLC directs a client’s interest in property to gain the desired usage and value.