Maurice Smith helps us negotiate business transactions and establish proper corporate governance. His wisdom, counsel and insight is essential for us to move ahead and realize the vision of our ministry.
Pastor Don Donaldson  |  Greater Works Christian Center, Raleigh, NC

Effective Governance and Counsel For Churches

Legal Counsel for Churches is a service that helps religious organizations practice effective governance. Governance is the process of managing church business functions. Effective governance facilitates smooth ministry by providing accountability to all stakeholders. In his practice, Maurice Smith approaches each engagement with a determination to meet the client’s needs.

Legal Counsel for Churches focuses on the business side of churches and religious organizations. Church management faces an assortment of legal issues on a daily basis. The handling of these issues often defines the difference between a successful transaction and a costly mistake.

Legal Counsel helps church leaders identify areas of risk, create ways to mitigate perils and help make church operations more efficient.

Attorney Smith has provided PROFESSIONAL legal services to our Church for several years.  Attorney Smith timely and patiently handled disputes, details and communication to achieve positive but fair results for all parties involved.

Board of Trustees | First Baptist Church, Raleigh NC | Dr. Dumas A. Harshaw, Jr., Pastor

How We Serve Your Ministry

Every religious organization should have a body of governance documents that sets forth the duties, authorities and rights of its members.

These documents should avoid ambiguities of managing issues that arise.

Many agreements signed in the normal course of an organization have long lasting consequences.

Liability waivers, termination clauses, and unilateral extension are a few of the contract elements that can produce unintended effects.

Corporate governance is the set of rules that establishes the order for a church or religious organization. Effective corporate governance is critical to the success of a complex ministry. This is particularly true for churches with multiple departments and community outreach programs.

One of the most difficult occurrences for any organization is the resolution of disputes. Disputes can arise from internal disagreements or external misunderstandings. In either event, a resolution can be costly, time consuming and bruising.

Legal Counsel for Churches is a valuable service for our ministry. We gain insightful information from every edition. As a Christian himself, Maurice Smith has an understanding of our core business.
Senior Pastor Linzie Atkins  |  Lincoln Memorial Baptist Church, Durham, NC

About Maurice Smith

Maurice Smith became a lawyer for one overarching reason: he recognized that some consumers and organizations were treated unfairly in business transactions.

Maurice believes he can level the playing field for his clients by providing professional legal services and by having his clients reach good results in business dealings every time.

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